About us

Australian Nursing Alliance specializes in recruitment and retention of health professionals, as well as in the development of their careers. These services provided by ANA are a prudent solutions to the growing healthcare staffing needs in the country. 

We recruit Home Care Workers, Assistant in Nurses, Registered Nurses, Physiotherapists, Porters/Wardsmen and other Allied Health Care Professionals. We also provide opportunities to overseas trained health professionals.

We have a consistent approach to recruitment activities which maximizes opportunities for health professionals in obtaining employment. This also includes providing advice and support to health professionals who are new to Australia. We provide various positions starting from entry-level up to higher level positions dependant on skill and education level.  

ANA values their employees and hence we retain them by providing our pool of employees with rewards and bonuses. We enable you to tailor your lifestyle by accommodating your needs by providing flexibility, choice and work-life balance. We assist our employees with further training and development programs so that they become leaders in their field.  Our retention package includes:

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Free Uniforms
  • Accommodation*
  • AHPRA registration*
  • Bonus*
  • CPD points* 

Developing careers is a key facet of ANA.  We identify the need for development and provide our employees with training and experience and manage your career to achieve best outcomes.*

Our main focus is to provide education and training for overseas nurses to meet the registration requirements in Australia. Our ongoing investment in employee training and customer engagement will help you build your career.

Our Vision is to be the first choice for both health care professionals and health care organizations

Our Mission for:

Health Care Professionals:  Personal. Efficient. Rewarding.

We thrive to be unique in providing a personal touch at ANA. We understand your family needs and provide a work schedule that creates an equal work-life balance. We will facilitate and encourage you to take on new areas of expertise while providing you with the necessary tools and training to advance your career goals and scope of practice.

 We envision ANA as having long term employees as we are always innovative by embracing change and adopting new ways to build careers that will promote new opportunities. ANA envision professionalism, teamwork, integrity, profits, skilled staff and enormous knowledge and education as being key to their function.

Health Care Organizations: Quality. Service Guarantee. Solutions.

Whileour mission continues to recruit, retain and develop careers, we simultaneously aim to provide qualitative, skilled, high caliber employees to health care institutions considering the budgetary challenges you face.  Our strong infrastructure and professional team at ANA consists of healthcare management officers, recruitment consultants that understands the institutions workforce intricacies and provide effective solutions for your short and long term needs.


*Conditions Apply